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We believe each commercial real estate appraisal should be a custom-tailored solution. The scope and format of property appraisals vary depending on the needs of each client. However, every client needs a credible and supported value conclusion presented in a well-written appraisal report delivered on time. This is why, we are committed to providing the appropriate scope of work, reporting format, and delivering an accurate appraisal report, on time.

Credible Property Appraisal

Colorado commercial real estate can be difficult to navigate when you don’t have a credible estimate of property value. If you don’t work with an appraiser, or select an appraiser who is inaccurate, many negative consequences can result. Can result New sentence: Accurate and credible property appraisal leads to confident decision making and peace of mind.

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A major goal of my practice is to work with each client to efficiently address appraisal issues. Only by working closely with my client and identifying thier needs can we decide how to best address an appraisal assignment. My background in commercial real estate appraisal, commercial brokerage and expert witness testimony gives me broad experience with which to advise clients.

I provide a personal level of service: custom tailoring each assignment specific to my client’s needs. It is my commitment to timely provide a credible and supported value conclusion, timely reported.

Phil McDonald

Appraisal Expertise

Phil McDonald is a highly trained commercial real estate appraiser who combines his experience, education and expansive real estate knowledge to provide professional valuation services. Recognized as a real estate expert in courts across the state, Phil holds a master’s degree in real estate and has an outstanding 25 year track record in the Colorado real estate market.

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