Real Estate Expert Witness

Phil McDonald, MScRE

Phil McDonald, MScRE

Real Estate Expert Witness

Denver Residential and Commercial Appraiser

Mr. McDonald is your real estate expert witness. He is an expert in real estate and a seasoned Denver Colorado real estate expert witness. He is a residential and commercial real estate appraiser with a wealth of real estate experience.

His skills as a property appraiser, real estate expert witness and litigation support specialist are unmatched.

As a real estate appraisal expert, Phil has spent over 25 years honing his skills in valuation and brokerage. His keen ability as a real estate appraiser to provide accurate and reliable Denver property appraisals and his knowledge of the legal system in Colorado county appraisal districts make him an invaluable asset for attorneys and clients seeking a real estate expert witness for court, expert testimony, an expert opinion letter or expert appraisal report.

Phil’s deep experience and vast knowledge of the industry make him a perfect choice for commercial real estate appraisal review and expert witness consulting to help evaluate the merits of a court case. Phil McDonald is the right real estate expert witness for anyone navigating the complex world of Denver property appraisal and litigation support

Expert Testimony

Mr. McDonald’s unparalleled expertise in litigation support is evident in his impressive track record of delivering formidable defense in both depositions and trials as an expert witness in real estate.

Real Estate Expert Witness provides Litigation Support
With legal disputes, having the right litigation expert witness can make all the difference. Some attorneys make the mistake of engaging Denver commercial real estate developers, commercial real estate brokers in Denver, commercial realtors in Denver, or Denver property appraisers who lack the expertise and experience of a commercial real estate expert.

With years of real-world experience as a real estate appraiser and a comprehensive understanding of real estate, he is well-equipped to guide clients through property valuation. In presenting expert testimony, Mr. McDonald’s credentials speak for themselves. His unwavering support and compelling expert witness testimony make him the right Denver property appraiser and an invaluable asset to any legal team.

Real Estate Expert Witness Appraiser Reports

Our expert witness reports are trial preparation cornerstones by providing expert testimony evidence.

Many times our expert wtiness reports eliminate the need for litigation. Here are some of the reports we provide.

  • Expert Witness Valuation Report
  • Expert Witness Building Report
  • Expert Witness Report
  • Expert Opinion Letter
  • Expert Witness Outline
  • Real Estate Consultancy Report
  • Expert Witness Affidavit
  • Real Estate Appraisal Review Report
  • Property Appraisal Report
  • Questions for Expert Witness of Opposition

Our reports provide insightful and actionable insights that can make all the difference in the outcome of a case.

Expert in Real Estate

As a real estate expert witness with extensive experience in various areas of real estate, Mr. McDonald is an invaluable asset to any legal team.

With direct experience in both commercial and residential real estate, he has a wealth of knowledge that allows him to provide expert testimony in any real estate case.

His expertise and professionalism make him an indispensable resource for attorneys and clients alike.

Mr. McDonald presents his clients attorney with the right questions to ask an opposing real estate for an expert witness based on a comprehensive review of the real estate experts submited expert witness reports.

With his wealth of expertise and a methodical approach to his work, clients can have confidence in his services

Real Estate Expert Witness Appraiser Requirements

Our expert witness qualifications will exceed your requirements. We provide the following documents upon request to assist you in your vetting the right expert in real estate.
  • Expert Witness Qualifications
  • Expert Witness CV
  • Expert Witness Certification
  • Expert Witness Report Example
  • Expert Witness Retainer Agreement
  • Expert Opinion Examples
  • Expert Witness Engagement Letter
  • Expert Witness Deposition Preparation
  • Expert Witness Testimony Sample
  • Expert Witness Reference List

Request any of the above documents in the comments section of our quote request form or send us a message with your request from our Contact Us page.

Real Estate Consultancy

As a real estate appraiser, Mr. McDonald brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Real estate consultancy for expert witness litigation
Not only does he offer objective analyses to enhance understanding of the case and provide forensic analysis to establish facts, but he also provides quantification and support for any impact on property value. In addition, his services include the review and evaluation of opposing real estate experts’ reports and arguments, as well as help with questioning in depositions. Expert witness questions are at the center of an examination, and Mr. McDonald presents his clients attorney with the right questions for an expert witness based on a comprehensive review of an appraisal report. Mr. McDonald is well-versed in providing expert testimony on critical issues and he offers trial support services. His deliverables, expert witness reports and expert opinion letters, are always created following a standard expert witness report format. With his wealth of expertise and a methodical approach to his work, clients can have confidence in his services.
Denver Real estate expert witness is an expert in real estate

Mr. McDonald is a highly qualified Denver real estate appraiser with a wealth of experience in the industry. With an MS in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver under his belt, he has completed over 2,000 real estate valuation assignments involving billions of dollars in asset value across several states.

His expertise is highly sought after in litigation support, expert witness services, valuations, transactions, property management, and property solutions. His experience spans a wide range of residential and commercial property types, making him a versatile and highly capable expert in real estate. If you’re looking for a real estate expert witness with impeccable credentials, making use of an expert witness directory or expert witness locator could lead you to Mr. McDonald and his impressive real estate expert witness qualifications and CV.